Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do my nails get damage from wearing acrylics?

  • Nails should not get damaged with acrylics if they are done regularly like every 2 weeks with a good and professional technician .

2. How often should I get a new set of acrylics?

  • New sets should be done every three to five months for an average set.

3. Can I put acrylic nails on if my nails are bitten real short?

  • Acrylic nails are a good way to lengthen short and damage nail beds. They also help to grow damage and split nails to a desired length.

4. Can I get fungus for wearing acrylic nails and other nail enhancements?

  • People mistaken water mold for fungus because it looks green and unattractive. They can also get the water mold when nails are not done regularly and get refilled from many different salons and technicians.

5. What I do when my nails are soft and brittle?

  • You should use more oil and hand cream after washing hands. Nail strengtheners and changes in diet would help reduce these conditions to healthier nails much faster.

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